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People are the heart of Rapid Response; they are the pulse of our organization. At the center of everything we do for our customers are elite professionals serving our calling to protect life and property—that’s because extensive training and experience delivers the best judgement. Our certified Monitoring Specialists and their decades of experience power the elite level of service behind your Ring security system.

Rely on our Virtual Security Guards to be your eyes and ears protecting your home or your home-away-from-home when you’re not there. We want you to feel secure in placing that trust in us. Security is trust.

deep vetting
of our guards

We only hire the top 3% of applicants; Harvard accepts the top 6%. We take this stringent approach because our service protects lives and property. Excellence is the minimum acceptable standard.

Our vetting is comprised of three major layers, beginning first with a deep background check. The cleared applicants then proceed to face a battery of skills, temperament, and cognitive assessments. The final layer of vetting requires applicants to pass multiple rounds of interviews – but even then, our offer is conditional on passing an expanded drug screening. We often interview hundreds of candidates to hire just one Specialist.


Training is part of our culture, and we believe in continuous improvement. Our training process begins with weeks of onboarding where we school all staff in the history, technology, and processes of the security industry.

The group transitions into a mentorship model where seasoned Specialists guide them through tiered skill-building. Full competency takes 9-12 months to complete, and then re-training commences to maintain top levels of excellence.

Our Virtual Security Guards receive specialized clearance and training to deliver superior service to you.

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