What is aMonitoring Center?

Your Monitoring Center is the command hub for receiving, processing, and responding to critical events. These events come from a broad array of new and traditional technologies, including Burglary Alarms, Connected Cameras, Fire Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Medical Alert Pendants and more…

This growing list of Monitoring Center services is built on shared foundational infrastructure—and Rapid Response operates the most technologically advanced monitoring centers in the world.

Physical and Data

Our Monitoring Specialists work on-site in our dual facilities located in Syracuse, New York, and Corona, California. These facilities are designed to ensure continuous protection and privacy for you and your home.

This protection begins with physical enforcement. Our armed corporate security staff patrol the campus grounds, and all entryways to the facility have dual access-control badge scanners to ensure only authorized personnel access the facility. Once inside, entry to the monitoring center floor is secured with biometric access readers that scan the face and palm of all entrants.

Your data is similarly protected. In addition to the latest firewall technology, no recording devices are allowed onto the monitoring center floor. 100% onsite monitoring ensures no data is accessed outside our facilities.

Power and

When the grid goes down, floodwaters rise, and even your local 911 center goes dark, our facilities are prepared, powered, and connected ensuring we can continue monitoring at full capacity to keep you and your property safe.

We have multiple generators at each facility, which can each power the facility for a month without grid power. These generators are paired with battery backups to ensure zero downtime for your protection when the power goes out. Our connectivity is backed up via multiple telecom providers providing redundant service and safeguarding against internet outages. These utility connections are also brought in at different locations around the building to minimize the likelihood of damaged utility lines.

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