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Trust is security. Security is trust. Rely on our Virtual Security Guards to be your eyes and ears to protect your home or your home-away-from-home when you’re not there. When it comes to protecting lives and property, experience delivers the best judgment calls. Put our certified professionals and their decades of experience to work behind your Ring security system.

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When you choose Rapid Response as your Virtual Security Guard, you put to work our 30 years of experience responding to over one billion security alerts. We filter out all the noise of false-alarm notifications, respond 24/7/365 according to your preferences, and provide you with peace of mind that true emergencies won’t get missed.


This is the core service powering your Virtual Security Guard experience. Only a Ring Protect Pro subscriber can deploy Virtual Security Guards to their account.



When it comes to protecting what matters most, there is no substitute for experience. Have secure command center staff ready to respond on-demand.



From Video Doorbells to Security Cameras, there are many ways you can put trusted eyes & ears on guard to protect the people and property you care about.


Getting to know our mission at
Rapid Response

Our calling is to protect life and property. We believe the best way to fulfill this mission is by combining the most advanced technology with elite professionals. That’s why our certified team delivers critical responses that augment the best technologies out there — like Ring security devices.

Professional Monitoring is an on-demand, 24/7/365 specialized customer service — but because our service supports technologies that safeguard life and property, we accept nothing less than excellence in everything we do. We prepare for every interaction to be a potential response to a life-threatening or property-protecting emergency, and we deliver unmatched customer service regardless of circumstance.

It’s our duty.

Get answers to some Frequently
Asked Questions

Monitoring Specialists must complete an intensive six-week training program including formal classroom training, training one-on-one with certified trainers, and close supervision by management personnel.

Rapid Response has multiple monitoring centers in the United States where Virtual Security Guard monitoring is performed.

Virtual Security Guard service is only active when Ring Alarm is in Home or Away Mode and motion caused by a person is detected. Monitoring Specialists will view the Live View video from the device. They will assess what caused the motion alert and determine if they need to intervene.

When a motion event is resolved, the Live View goes away, and Monitoring Specialists can no longer view your device’s livestream unless another motion event is detected. You can see the events in the Ring app that were monitored by the Monitoring Specialist.

Monitoring Specialists do not have access to video recordings and cannot download, share or save any videos. They are only able to view Live View videos in real-time, and you can easily see in the Event History which videos were reviewed by a Monitoring Specialist.

Like professional monitoring of Ring Alarm today, the Virtual Security Guard service is designed to give you peace of mind knowing that trained Rapid Response Monitoring Specialists can act on your behalf in response to specific triggers. Monitoring Specialists follow clear guidelines for whether and how they interact with the person on your property.

A Monitoring Specialist will take minimal or no intervention if, for instance, delivery or service personnel are detected.

If a Monitoring Specialist observes property damage or attempted forced entry, for example, they will use tools like two-way talk and siren activation to progressively intervene and deter unwanted activity.

In cases where a Monitoring Specialist believes a dangerous crime or life-threatening situation is taking place, they can dispatch police, medical or fire services, and promptly notify you.

If it appears that someone is trying to break into the home, a Monitoring Specialist will take steps to progressively intervene with the goal of stopping unwanted activity, including talking with the person through two-way talk to understand what is happening, and triggering the alarm.

Rapid Response Monitoring Specialists will monitor the delivery, but will not interact if it’s clear they’re dropping something off, such as a package, mail, or food.

Rapid Response Monitoring Specialists do not know whether the visitor is a friend, an unwanted visitor, or the homeowner. The Monitoring Specialist will monitor what those captured on camera are doing and only intervene when they visually verify unwanted activity—such as smashing a window or attempting to break into a vehicle.

Visit to get Virtual Security Guard today. Ring will grant invitations to invited customers later this year.

Virtual Security Guard helps provide peace of mind by having a Monitoring Specialist monitor your home or your home-away-from home when you’re not there. Our certified professionals closely monitor alerts, filter out false-alarm notifications and respond according to your preferences and provide you with peace of mind that true emergencies won’t get missed.

Virtual Security Guard is designed to put you in control while giving you the peace of mind of professional monitoring. You choose which cameras you want monitored and can adjust those choices at any time.

Rapid Response’s Monitoring Specialists can only monitor Live View video when a motion event is triggered for an enrolled camera and Ring Alarm is set to Home or Away Mode. They cannot access saved recordings, nor can they download, share or save your video. You also will know exactly which events were viewed in Event History.

Rapid Response implements strict policies for our Monitoring Centers. Our facilities are extremely secure, and Monitoring Specialists are not allowed access to their cell phones or other personal devices while onsite. Motion alerts are also randomly assigned to Monitoring Specialists to further protect customer privacy. If a customer has Privacy Zones set up, the Monitoring Specialists will not be able to view those areas.

No, Rapid Response’s Monitoring Specialists can only access Live View on enrolled cameras for a limited time when Ring Alarm is in Home or Away Mode and motion is detected.

Rapid Response’s Monitoring Specialists only have access to Live View and are unable to look back at motion event history. They cannot download, save or share any videos.

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